Study Hall
Tutor:                       CTC
Grades:                    3-12                                             Class Limit: 20
Time:                        Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays 1st – 5th hours
Textbook:                None
Prerequisite:            None
Supply Fees:           None
Total Class Fees:    $198.00 – 9 Monthly Payments of $22.00 as follows:
                                  Operational Fee:                       $2200/month payable to CTC
Study halls are offered as a service to CTC families to supervise students between, before and after their classes.
a.     The first half of the study hall class time (40 minutes) will remain quiet enough for students to study. Students need to bring homework or reading material to study hall each day in order to remain busy during the study portion of the class.
b.     During the second half of the class time, students will be allowed to interact with other students quietly (study, talk, or play board games).
c.     Students may listen to music with headphones but cannot share music with their friends as we cannot determine what is acceptable in each family. 
d.     Students may use cell phones during study hall, but may not share photos, ringtones, text messages or phone messages with other students.
e.     Students need to clean up their area before class ends.
Each student is allowed to take up to two study halls per day but may not take more study halls than he has classes that day.
Students must abide by the general rules listed in the student handbook and any other rules designated by the study hall monitor.
Students may enter study hall with a drop-in fee of $5.00 per class.