Foreign Language
Tutor:                     Debbie Cleveland                       Email: [email protected]
Grades:                  7-12                                            Class Limit: 6-16
Time:                      Tuesdays 9:55-11:15
Textbook:              Provided  by Tutor
Prerequisite:          None
Supply Fees:         $25.00        
Total Class Fees:  $405.00 – 9 Monthly Payments of $45.00 as follows:
                                Tutor:                        $27.00/month payable to tutor
                                Operational Fee:         $18.00/month payable to CTC
Spanish 1 is a beginning level Spanish class. No prior knowledge is expected. Grading will be based on written tests/quizzes, class work, and oral work. Reading and writing in the language are important, but emphasis will be placed on oral proficiency and comprehension. The class is loosely structured and class participation is essential. Supply fees include text and copies. Students may not be added mid-year. Spanish is becoming and extremely important subject in the world in which we live, whether or not we agree or like the fact. Don’t get left behind!