angela leasman

Forgotten Arts
[email protected]

Debbie Cleveland

Critical Thinking/Logic & Fallacies
Spanish 1
Spanish 2

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Samuel Greer

High School Biology              Chemistry
Physics                                    Physical Science

Calculus                                   Financial Peace
Speech & Debate                    Computer Technology
American Government          Oklahoma History

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Gina Conroy

Junior High
High School 
English 1 English 2 English 3 English 4

[email protected]

Amber Leasman

Kindergarten Readiness
Early Elementary

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Tiffany Griffin

American Literature           Applied Art
British Literature                Mixed Media Art
World Literature
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katy Brown

Web Design                      Innovative Communication
Business Marketing               

[email protected]

tammy Graber

H.S. World History        H.S. American History
Jr High STEM                  Jr High Science 
 High Early World History     
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Beth Berg

Financial Director [email protected]
Serves as a Board Member
Collection of class fees

angela leasman

Head Administrator [email protected]
Student and teacher record keeping
Publications and forms
Maintains CEC website
Achievement Testing

reyna florence

Office Administrator/Volunteer Coordinator
Oversees Day to Day Office Operations
Coordinates volunteers and volunteer activity
Supervises building maintenance

positions currently open


Jeff swanson

Genesis to Revelation   The Master's Plan 2
[email protected]

Pamela Searcy

Pre-Algebra                      Algebra 1 & 2          
Geometry                         Jr. High Math
Greek Mythology            Geography
Elementary Math            Elementary Language Arts
Elementary Science 

[email protected]

penny burt

Elementary Art Composition   Secondary Art Composition
Fashion Illustration
[email protected]

Allison Leach

Yearbook                           Graphic Design
[email protected]

Beth Berg