Teacher:                 Katy Brown                     Email: [email protected]
Grades:                  8-12                                            Class Limit: 5-15
Time:                      Thursday 2:55-4:15
Textbook:              None
Prerequisite:          None
Supply Fees:         $60
Total Class Fees:  $522.00– 9 Monthly Payments of $58.00 as follows:
                                Teacher:                      $32.00/month payable to the teacher
                                Operational/Lab Fee:  $26.00/month payable to CEC

The Four P's of Marketing include Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Students will receive hands-on experience, journeying through the world of Creative Marketing by developing their own (fictional) personal business, analyzing production costs, finding their target audience, and promoting their product. Students will also learn aspects of Illustrator and Photoshop to make a brand that is memorable, easy to recognize, and representative of their company. Lab fees include software licensing and computer maintenance/replacement. Supply fee includes printer materials, hand-outs and class supplies.  

Teacher:                 Debbie Cleveland                     Email: [email protected]
Grades:                  3-12                                            Class Limit: 6-16
Time:                      Tuesdays 8:30AM-9: 50 AM
Textbook:              The Fallacy Detective and The Thinking Toolbox
Prerequisite:          None
Supply Fees:         $10
Total Class Fees:  $468.00 – 9 Monthly Payments of $52.00 as follows:
                                Teacher:                      $32.00/month payable to the teacher
                                Operational Fee:         $20.00/month payable to CEC

Critical thinking and recognizing bad reasoning (or logic) is essential in our world today.  There is so much misinformation and bias in the world!  Teaching our students how to think logically and how to recognize bad logic in others arguments is an essential tool for finding the truth.  A fallacy is an error in logic – a place where someone has made a mistake in his/her thinking.  Critical thinking seeks to pinpoint ant minimize biasing influences from our culture so that we can seek out knowledge and evidence that lines up with reality.  In this class, we will learn to spot common errors in reasoning.  We will use videos in class to show examples of incorrect arguments (fallacies) and bad conclusions.  Students will also role play and come up with their own illogical arguments as examples of what NOT to do.
The books The Fallacy Detective and The Thinking Toolbox will be used in class and for homework assignments.  Each book has over 30 lessons.
Homework will be assigned and discussed. 
Teacher:                 Samuel Greer         Email: [email protected]
Grades:                  9-12                         Class Limit: 5-16
Time:                      Wednesdays 9:55AM-11: 15 AM
Textbook:              Foundations in Personal Finance Student Workbook- Highschool Edition
Prerequisite:          NONE
Supply Fees:         $40.00        
Total Class Fees: $468.00 – 9 Monthly Payments of $52.00 as follows:
                                Teacher:                          $32.00/month payable to Teacher
                                Operational/Lab Fee:      $20.00/month payable to CEC
The class will cover the importance of saving and investing for their future and sound principles of managing money.  Step by step methods to living a debt-free life and cash flow planning.  Students will be guided through the insurance process and discuss the effects of marketing and advertising as they relate to consumer debt and buying habits.  Pros and cons of home ownership, the importance of finding work that you love, and understanding your credit report.  Classes will be a mix of video and audio, class discussion, and small group activities.  

Teacher:                Angela Leasman                     Email: [email protected]
Grades:                  5-12                                            Class Limit: 5-10
Time:                     Wednesdays 12:05PM-1: 25 PM
Textbook:              Handouts in class
Prerequisite:         None
Supply Fees:        $60.00
Total Class Fees:  $468.00 – 9 Monthly Payments of $52.00 as follows:
                                Teacher:                      $32.00/month payable to the teacher
                                Operational Fee:         $20.00/month payable to CEC

Let’s go back to a simpler time.  A time without many of the modern conveniences; when people ate real food that wasn't full of chemicals and gmo's.  A time when medicines didn't require mumbled disclaimers about all the possible side effects; when people were more self-sufficient.  This class seeks to revive some of the arts of that long ago era.  Subjects that will be covered include canning (water bath, pressure, and dry), alternative medicines such as herbal medicines, foraging (edible plants), cheese making, soap making, bread making, etc.
Classes will be hands on.  We will be able to use the church's kitchen to actually process our foods and projects.  Supply fees will include all copies, equipment, and supplies needed.  Students will be able to bring home samples of their projects to share with family members. Possible field trips to Tulsa Parks for clay work & Shepherds Cross Ranch. 

Teacher:          Pamela Searcy                        Email: [email protected]
Grades             5-7                                          Class Limit: 5-15
Time:                Wednesday 8:30-9: 50 AM
Textbook:        D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths and Study Guide by Memoria Press.
                          The Book Of Astronomy by Memoria Press
Prerequisite:   None
Supply Fees:   $50         
Total Class Fees: $468.00 – 9 Monthly Payments of $52.00 as follows:
                                Teacher:                  $32.00/month payable to Teacher
                                Operational Fee:    $20.00/month payable to CEC
Why Greek Mythology? "The gods are really archetypes for human character traits and as such provide stories that have proven to be classic and eternal. They describe the human condition so well that we have no real substitute for them. Knowledge of Greek mythology is necessary for a study of English Literature and Western Art because writers and artists can't seem to do without it, and neither can we. Even today, if we want a symbol for beauty, what do we use? Venus."~ from Memoria Press, Why should Christians read the pagan classics?
We will spend the first semester studying the Greek gods from Athena to Zeus. The curriculum includes vocabulary, historical context, and geography. The second semester will be spent studying Astronomy and how it relates to Greek Mythology. We will study the names of stars and constellations, the solar system and more.
Supply Fee covers all books needed for the class. Students will need a notebook, folder, colored pencils, scissors, and glue. 

Teacher: Tammy Graber                                          Email: [email protected]
Grades:                  6-8                                              Class Limit: 5-10
Time:                      Tuesday & Thursday 2:55-4:15 PM
Textbook:              none
Prerequisite:          none
Supply Fees:         $150.00        
Total Class Fees:  $855.00 – 9 Monthly Payments of $95.00 as follows:
                                Teacher:                  $55.00/month payable to Teacher
                                Operational Fee:     $40.00/month payable to CEC
Come along as we research, collaborate, design, and reflect on topics such as Newton's 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Laws of Motion, Simple Machines, Electricity, Magnets, Sound, and Robotics.
  Science: The study of the natural world 
echnology: A product created to solve a problem
 Engineering: The design process used to solve a problem
 Math: The numbers, shapes, and quantities used to solve a problem
Supply fees include all materials for hands-on lessons, projects, and a STEM Class binder. 
Field trips: Science Museum Oklahoma, Tulsa Children’s Museum

THE MASTER’S PLAN II – High School Biblical Worldview
Teacher:                Jeff Swanson                              Email: [email protected]
Textbook:              The Plan: The Chronology of God’s Word from Creation to Completion (NIV or KJV
                              The Plan's Second Witness:  The Chronology of Enoch I, II, and the Book of Jashar from Creation to Completion
Grades:                  9-12                                                         Class Limit: 5-20
Time:                      Thursdays 1:30-2:50
Prerequisite:          The Master's Plan I or Genesis to Revelation
Supply Fees:         $30.00
Total Class Fees:  $468.00 - 9 Monthly Payments of $52.00 as follows:
                                Teacher:                      $32.00/month payable to Teacher
                                Operational Fee:         $20.00/month payable to CEC

This course builds upon the foundation of The Master's Plan course:  The Bible is the foundation of a complete worldview that includes the origin and destiny of all things found in God's Plan. In Master's Plan 2, we will journey through a second pass of authority (books that are mentioned by name or quoted directly or indirectly in the Bible). Your student will be astonished that God's Plan is supported by the oldest surviving books. Jesus said it is written for all things to be established by two or three witnesses (Mat.18:16).  The fruit of this class is the undeniable truth that God's word is of divine origin and God will accomplish all that He has promised in the bible. We journey through all 14 C's just like the Master;'s Plan reading The Plan's Second Witness which consist of three books quoted in the Bible (Enoch I, II, and the book of Jashar) that have been arranged chronologically just like The Plan.  The Plan's Second Witness is an ebook and has been upgraded to a modern English version for ease of reading similar to the NIV. Other features include dates, a historical outline, prophecy color-coding, and hyperlinking, just like The Plan. We will emphasize more discussion time. Our goal is to empower your student with the truth of God's Plan so that you can believe it, defend it, and walk it. 
Teacher:            Samuel Greer                                Email: [email protected]
Grades:              9-12                                               Class Limit: 6-10
Time:                 Wednesday 1:30-2:50
Textbook:          The Art of Public Speaking by Stephen E. Lucas 12th ed. (Optional) 
Prerequisite:     None
Supply Fees:     $10
Total Class Fees:   $468.00 – 9 monthly payments of $52.00 as follows:
                                 Teacher:                           $32.00/month payable to the teacher
                                 Operational Fee:              $20.00/month payable to CEC
Students will learn how to form an educated opinion, articulate that opinion and engage with others on a given topic.  This is especially important for Christians.  Debate provides a structure that helps people acquire those skills.  A homeschooling debate class has the added benefit of exposing students to important topics about the world around them.  Students will learn and practice the skills of research, argumentation, critical thinking, public speaking, and logic.  They will learn how to communicate their ideas persuasively and respectfully.  We will also play speaking games that sharpen the student’s abilities to think on their feet and speak eloquently. 
Tutor:                     Jeff Swanson                              Email: [email protected]
Grades:                  6-12                                                           Class Limit: 5-16
Time:                      Thursdays 8:30-9:50 AM
Textbook:              The Plan: (NIV or KJV)
Prerequisite:          None
Supply Fees:         $30.00
Total Class Fees:   $468.00 – 9 monthly payments of $52.00 as follows:
                                 Teacher:                           $32.00/month payable to the teacher
                                 Operational Fee:              $20.00/month payable to CEC

We are all on a journey of discovery. This course is a must for your student demonstrating biblical truth is the foundation for science and history. Your student will join us on an exciting journey starts through the first four C’s of history confirming biblical truth with scientific discovery. For the first 15-weeks, Jeff Swanson, founder of The Plan BibleTM, the organization that developed the first chronology of God’s Word from Creation to the Completion, instructs on the first 2000 years of world history. Starting in Genesis utilizes The Plan as the reading text, which encompasses all the scripture in the Bible that relates to the 12 chapters of the book of Genesis. He guides ‘journey members’ to study the Bible and find out for themselves what it says about their world. We begin the course by learning about worldviews and then learn the systematic inductive bible study method. As we move through the scripture, we hit the major areas of historical science (biology, astronomy, anthropology, geology, archeology, and paleontology) and talk about topics such as the age of the earth, creation of all things, the effect of the fall on creation, dinosaurs, how the flood reshaped the world, and the ice age. The second 15 weeks continues the journey through the hope-filled world to come found in the promises of the Bible. We take a scientific look at the prophecies that are still yet to be fulfilled. This journey walks through the last four C’s of history where we compare what eternity looks like, what the world looks like after Jesus returns and the changes that occur in transition to that time.
Our vision is to equip your student with a Biblical worldview, empowering them to defend their faith no matter what their field of study. Obtain more information about The Plan here www.PlanBible.com. Parents are encouraged to sit in on classes at no extra charge. 

Teacher:                 Katy Brown                     Email: [email protected]
Grades:                  8-12                                            Class Limit: 5-15
Time:                     Thursday 12:05-1:25
Textbook:              None
Prerequisite:         None
Supply Fees:         $60
Total Class Fees:  $522.00– 9 Monthly Payments of $58.00 as follows:
                                Teacher:                      $32.00/month payable to the teacher
                                Operational/Lab Fee:  $26.00/month payable to CEC

Creatively utilizing Social Media outlets to make events, post blogs, promote companies, and more! Students will also learn the aspects of Illustrator Photoshop and film to help make their Media stand out. Lab fees include software licensing and computer maintenance/replacement. Supply fees include printed materials, handouts and class supplies. 

Teacher:                Katy Brown                           Email: [email protected]
Grades:                 9-12                                        Class Limit: 7-15
Time:                    Wednesday 830-9:50 am 
Textbook:              None
Prerequisite:        None
Supply Fees:         $25.00
Total Class Fees:  $522.00 – 9 Monthly Payments of $58.00 as follows:
                                Teacher:                         $32.00/month payable to the teacher
                                Operational/Lab  Fee:   $26.00/month payable to CEC 

This is a one day a week class. In this course, students will use Jostens Yearbook Avenue online program to learn sound design principles and skills needed to produce the annual school yearbook for CEC. In addition, the yearbook is an excellent course for the college-bound student as it qualifies as a high school level English/writing or elective credit. Students will receive guided instruction in the fundamentals of journalistic writing, journalism, graphic design, budget management, and organizational skills necessary to produce the yearbook. Students can expect assignments and duties to occasionally extend beyond the allocated class time as necessary to meet publication deadlines.