Computer Science
Teacher:                 Samuel Greer                             Email: [email protected]
Grades:                  9-12                                            Class Limit: 5-15               
Time:                       Wednesday 12:05-1:25
Textbook:              Online Microsoft Office Subscription
Prerequisite:          None
Supply Fees:         $60.00
Total Class Fee:    $522.00 – 9 Monthly Payments of $58.00 as follows:
                                Teacher:                    $32.00/month payable to Teacher
                                Operational/Lab Fee: $26.00/month payable to CEC
We will be exploring basic and intermediate concepts of Microsoft Office 2016 with an emphasis in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  Skills to be learned will include but not be limited to MLA & APA formatting, how to produce a quality presentation, and how to set up a spreadsheet with basic and intermediate formulas. Lab fee includes licensing and computer maintenance/replacement.  Supply fee includes software licensing, printed material, handouts and class supplies.

Teacher:              Katy Brown                     Email: [email protected]
Grades:               9-12                                        Class Limit: 7-15
Time:                  Wednesday 9:55-11: 15 AM
Textbook:            None
Prerequisite:      None
Supply Fees:       $60.00
Total Class Fees:  $522.00 – 9 Monthly Payments of $58.00 as follows:
                                Teacher:                         $32.00/month payable to the teacher
                                Operational/Lab  Fee:   $26.00/month payable to CEC 

 Students will learn the basic design principles to be applied to every assignment. As well as, basic typography which is the knowledge of font usage, size, spacing, etc. Students will be taught Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign to execute their assignments. Assignments will mimic the "real world" application to prepare them for future jobs where these design programs and skills will be used.

Teacher:                 Katy Brown                                              Email: [email protected]
Grades:                  8-12                                                         Class Limit: 5-15
Time:                     Thursday 9:55-11:15
Textbook:              None
Prerequisite:         None
Supply Fees:         $60.00
Total Class Fees:  $522.00 – 9 Monthly Payments of $58.00 as follows:
                                Teacher:                       $32.00/month payable to Teacher
                                Operational/Lab Fee:  $26.00/month payable to CEC
Using a free website builder,, students will design sites, blogs, businesses, portfolios and more! Students will also learn aspects of Illustrator, Photoshop, and film to help make compelling and functional websites. Lab fees include software licensing and computer maintenance/replacement. Supply fee includes printed materials and other class supplies.